Tip #1 - New students should establish a private Support Center system account. Support Center account ensures your communication privacy, and identifies you to the receiving office.  In addition, you can conveniently view all past ticket communication threads and status in one location. Click the “SIGN UP” button (top right corner of this screen). 

Tip #2 - To improve your ticket response time, and eliminate an unnecessary processing step, direct your ticket to the right office.  See list of office responsibilities at: https://ituservice.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/47001042705-asking-support-questions

Tip #3 - Uncertain as to which office to submit a ticket?  Send your ticket to General.  The Information Center will assist you and direct your ticket to the appropriate office.

Tip#4 - Having difficulty setting up an account?  


Information Call Center

408-533-8565 (local)

833-637-0866 (toll free)

We are here to help you!