Department Chair: Dr. Mamoun Samaha

Core Courses: 

  1. ICS 501 Introduction to Cyber Security

  2. ICS 502 Cyber Attack Countermeasures

  3. ICS 601 Advanced Cyber Security

BIO: Born in Palestine, lived in Jordan, worked in Dubai, and now resides and works in San Jose, CA; Mamoun Abu-Samaha has extensive industrial experience. He worked for Hewlett Packard as an architect and technology strategist in corporate IT, a software architect, and then a wireless and mobility chief technology officer. Later, he worked for Motorola Mobility as their enterprise CTO. Currently, he is co-founder, CEO, and chief strategy officer for MobiWee Inc. Abu-Samaha’s areas of interest include mobile platforms and services, applications, Android, iOS, IoT, embedded systems, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking, blockchain, enterprise architecture, game design, unity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, GAN, and virtual and augmented reality.